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You won't find a job at Johnson & Johnson—you'll find a career. Our colleagues bring their passion and drive to work each day to make a positive impact on the health and wellness of billions of people around the world. There are lots of opportunities for students and recent graduates to join us and make a difference.

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Lorsque je dois choisir une compagnie où travailler,

When deciding what company I want to work at,

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ce qui compte le plus pour moi, c’est qu’elle ait à cœur d’aider

really what’s most important is that people care - to help

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et de susciter des changements, d’avoir un impact.

and make a change, have an impact.

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Lorsque j’ai commencé à travailler chez J&J, je me suis dit

When I started working at J&J, I felt like

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« Wow, c’est une famille. Ils se soucient vraiment de moi. »

“Wow, this is a family. They really care about me.”

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Le leadership est génial. C’est très inspirant.

The leadership is amazing. They’re very inspiring.

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Non seulement on se soucie de moi, mais mon travail

And, not only they care about you, but also the work that

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a un impact réel

you are doing is actually having a positive impact

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sur le monde en général.

on the world, in general.

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Nous innovons et mettons au point des technologies de pointe

We’re actually innovating and creating the latest technology

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pour nous assurer que les patients aient une vie plus saine.

to make sure that patients are living a healthier life.

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Pour moi, tous les éléments sont là.

So, for me it’s like, it’s the whole package.

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